RTK4 Flat Tyre Repair Kit


• Made to original car makers specification
• Particle Gel Sealant technology
• Complete flat tyre repair kit
Including, 12V analogue tyre compressor, 450ml sealant and storage bag
• Perfect replacement
For the original kit that came with your vehicle
• Different to foam sealant
Can be cleaned easily by rinsing the sealant from the tyre with water only,
saving your tyre and wheel rim
• Quick repair solution
Get back on the road in under 10 minutes
• TPMS safe
Ring Sealant will not damage TPMS sensors
• Suitable for use in all weather conditions
• The repaired tyre can run for 200km / 125 miles
Before repair is needed
• Valve though sealant
No need to remove the valve core
• Can repair punctures up to 6mm wide*
• No need for Jacks or Tools
• Replace every 5 years
• Use of environmentally friendly materials