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LeisureWorld SA is committed to protecting the information we hold about you. This notice provides you with information about how, when, and why we use your personal information and how we keep it secure. It also sets out your rights under law, our responsibilities to you and how you can contact us.

This notice concerns any information that we collect in the following ways:

* Information we receive through our website, where applicable. Additional details of the information we receive through our website are set out in Part A of this notice; and

* Information we receive as a result of the products and services that we offer, including the information which we are required to keep in compliance with accounting and other regulations requiring records to be kept for a prescribed period of time.

Personal Information we hold about you


LeisureWorld SA is required to collect and store information from our customers which is relevant and necessary for us to comply with regulatory requirements, legal obligations, and/or for legitimate business purposes.

Information collected and stored may include what you tell us about yourself and what we learn by having you as a customer. Majority of the information collected by us is mandatory (in order for us to comply with regulations imposed by various recognised authorities, regulators, registrars, and councils. Collection of information for marketing purposes is voluntary and will only be on
agreement with our customers. Our customers may request to be removed from our marketing contact list at any time by contacting our office. Information collected from our customers in not shared with any external organisation, except for regulatory boards who review our records to ensure that we are compliant, financial institutions in the case of customers requiring finance applications, and manufacturers for warranty purposes. Information received from website and email enquiries will be used solely for the purpose of contacting you regarding the specific enquiry.

The information which we may collect and store is as follows:


* Full name
* Contact details
* Postal and/or physical address
* E-mail address

In addition to the above, we collect information from you when required to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

How we process your personal information and why


We need to use some personal information to provide you with certain products and services:

* to share with our manufacturers (for warranty purposes)
* to investigate and deal with complaints or disputes;
* to recover any money amount owed to us;

We need to use some personal information to comply with legal obligations, such as (but not limit to):

* to detect, prevent and/or investigate fraud, money laundering and other financial crimes;
* to comply with audit requests from our auditor; or the auditor or depositary of the fund you invest into (if we are not able to anonymise/redact information);
* to comply with requests made by you when exercising your legal rights (such as those contained within this Privacy Notice);
* for management and audit of our business operations including accounting;
* for statistical monitoring and analysis of current attacks on devices and systems and for the on-going adaptation of the solutions provided to secure devices and systems against current attacks;
* to determine the target market for our existing and future products (e.g. determining whether a product is meeting the needs of investors);
* our legal and other professional advisors, auditors, compliance regulators, etc;
* governmental and regulatory bodies such as tax authorities, financial regulators/ombudsmen and non-financial regulators (depending on the circumstances of the sharing);

(Should you have any questions about the above listed categories of people and/or organisations, please contact us using the contact information provided in this Privacy Notice.)

Use of your personal information with your consent

Where we are relying on your consent to process your personal information, you are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time.

However, as noted above, we are usually processing your personal information based on another
reason, in which case withdrawing your consent will not change how we process your personal
information (especially where we are required by regulatory bodies and legal obligations to process
and store your information).

Unlike the uses described above, sometimes we rely on your consent to use your personal
information. We will rely on your consent:

* where you have opted-in to receiving marketing communications (and have not subsequently opted-out or requested to be removed from any marketing list); and/or

* when you volunteer information to us in correspondence, which information we need in order to respond to your enquiry, and only where lawful to do so.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any. However, the withdrawal of your consent will not invalidate any processing which we previously undertook before you withdrew your consent.

Please note that, where we rely on another lawful reason to process your personal information which does not require your consent, withdrawing your consent will not affect that processing. This is the case where the processing is necessary for our performing our contract with you, or where we
must process your personal information to comply with law, as described above. We will continue to process your personal information for those lawful purposes notwithstanding the fact that you have withdrawn your consent for one of the above listed purposes that requires your consent.

Whether you have to provide personal information

We are required to collect some personal information by law and regulation.

Will we share your personal information with others

Your personal information will be shared with regulators, authorities and other bodies to which access is legally required to ensure and confirm compliance.

(If you have further questions about the third parties we share your personal information with, please contact us using the details provided in this Privacy Notice.)

We will share your information with our manufacturers for warranty purposes. We will, to the best of our ability, ensure that our manufactures have a duty to keep it secure and confidential. We cannot control all use of your information by third parties who require your information from us for servicing or warranty purposes, however we will ensure that such third parties have a suitable privacy policy which is compliant with POPIA.

We will never sell, rent or trade your personal information.

How long we will keep your information

Mandatory information collected from our customers will be retained for the full period required by statutory and other regulations.

Voluntary information collected from our customers will be held until the customer withdraws their consent for us to retain their information.

We may keep your data for longer than stated above if we cannot delete it for legal, or regulatory reasons.

If we anonymise your personal information so that it can no longer be associated with you, it will no longer be considered personal information, and we can use it without further notice to you.

Your rights (‘data subject’ rights)

You have a number of rights over your personal information including a right to object to the processing of your information. You will not be able to use these rights in all circumstances. You are also entitled to make a complaint to the regulator.

Under data protection law you have a number of rights (set out below). Please note that these rights are not without limitation, and in some instances may not be available. (Instances where the “data subject” rights may not be available or applicable include, but are not limited to, instances where retention of customer personal information is a legal and/or regulatory requirement.)

Where applicable, you have the right to:
* be informed about our processing of your personal information;
* have inaccurate/incomplete personal information corrected/completed;
* object to the processing of your personal information;
* restrict the processing of your personal information;
* have your personal information erased;
* request access to your personal information and to obtain information about how we process it;

To exercise your rights as set out above, please write to us using the details provided in this privacy notice. There is no fee for making these requests. However, if your request is excessive, unfounded, or goes against legal and/or regulatory requirements, we have the right to refuse to comply with it.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with your local data protection regulator if you think that we have infringed upon any of your rights.

Pursuant to applicable law, you will not be discriminated against for exercising certain of your rights
as set out above.

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