Easy Driver Basic

You have finally arrived. Now quickly position your caravan perfectly. With Easydriver Basic, you can effortlessly bring the caravan into the right position. The icing on the cake: The powerful mover is not only outrageously good at what it does, but also wonderfully price-conscious

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  • Manoeuvring with millimetre precision, even in narrow gaps
  • Optimum, safe and gentle pressing the roller against the tyre thanks to infinitely variable engagement and disengagement by brace: Simply apply the hand brace or cordless screwdriver on one side and off you go.
  • Excellent power transmission from the roller to the tyre thanks to large engagement path and special drive roller surface
  • Unique and powerful due to patented technology
  • The unique blend of special high-tech materials makes the Easydriver manoeuvring device a lightweight and sustainably prevents rust.
  • High-performance slide bearings for the unique Easydriver engagement mechanism
  • easy hitching
  • optimum ground clearance
  • pan-European service
  • Innovative control with safe feedback of the drive unit