6A Smart Battery Charger

Product Code RSC806 (UK), RESC806 (EU)
Voltage Output 6/12V DC
Voltage Input 220-240V AC
Charger rate Up to 6A
Battery Type Lead Acid, Gel, Calcium, EFB & AGM
Max. Battery Capacity 110Ah battery charging
160Ah maintenance mode

Min. Battery Capacity 4Ah
Product Dimensions H254 x W144 x D127mm
Case Quantity 4 x 1
Barcode 5055175245157 (UK), 5055175245218 (EU)


6V and 12V compatible
• Up to 3A or 6A charge rate selection
• Stop/Start compatible
• 7-Stage charging process
• Large LCD display screen
Clearly shows voltage and charging progress
• Cold weather charging mode
Protects batteries in cold temperatures
• Quick connectors
With clamps or O-ring terminals for long term connection
• One button operation for ease-of-use
• Backlit display can be seen in low light
• Reverse polarity protection
• Short-circuit protection
• Connect and be sure
Automatically adjusts to long-term maintenance mode
when battery is full